The sweet baby Claire just after her bath...May 23/2011

A little serious Claire..

Claire laughs for the first time

Tummy time with Mommy April 13, 2011

Hi is nice to meet you!

Loving it when Daddy comes home from school.

Oma reading and singing to Swiss! Am I confused now or what!

Hi Oma and Opa..can't wait to see you in a week!

Can you tell what I am thinking about!!
April Fools!

Grandpa Pete reading to me..I love books
And Dad reading to me as well!

Enjoying tummy time Jan 2011

What do you mean you are too tired to go shopping?

Dad and Mom sharing a sweet moment together with me!

Oma says it is really good for me to go for a good walk everyday and have a bit of sunshine on my face!

Mom and Dad taking me for a walk in my high tech stroller

 Am I cute or what!?
Dad holding me up!

 Talking to my critters.

My Dad and Oma
 Dad  trying to get a burp out of me!

 Safe in Dad's hands

I will grow into my hands..I am already 10 lbs by the end of January 2011! Yipee!

Above is Claire's newest look.. Jan 11 2011

Welcome Claire Anne Brown

born 1:25 am December 29th 2010
8lbs 6 oz
Very happy parents are my son Jeremy and his wife Julie.

Baby Claire just sending Oma an email.

  Jeremy just loving this moment.

 Embroidered hat for Claire

  Grandpa Pete with Claire.

 3 generations of the "Browns"

  The little lamb finally asleep.