Happy Easter...

Just having a few eggs, some thread, spools of velvet, a basket, a bunny, a bowl full of posies and you are all set for Easter! Such joy in arranging little things together❤


And then there were three...

I just can't seem to stop making these..they are multiplying like bunnies do!
The last one I made, Rose, is made from the sleeve of a felted sweater. Her dress is the back of a linen shirt..and bloomers made out of a glove with a crocheted edge..
Happy Easter to you..I am thinking that I might cut out the pattern from the kit today!


New Loot❤

Found these wonderful spools of thread at the thrift store last week..$2.00 a bag for 5 or 6 spools.....what a bargain..a couple of kittens jumped into my basket, had to take them home..sweet aren't they?


Have a sunny day..

I hope where ever you live, the sun is are a few sunny pictures that I hope will add some joy to your day.

My lovely Lady Banks all her happy, sunny beauty!


The picnic At Fountain Hills

We spend a couple of hours on Sunday having a quiet and peaceful picnic at Fountain Hill, about 1 hour north of up us here in San Tan Valley..chairs were brought out of the SUV, a well packed picnic lunch, iced water, a book, a hat, sunglasses, couple of balls of yarns, crochet hook and issue 24 of the wonderful craft magazine, Mollie Makes..bliss❤ I hope your day was happy as well.

The Fountain
Fountain Hills has the world's fourth tallest fountain. The eponymous fountain was built in 1970, by Robert P. McCulloch, the year before the reconstruction of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, another of McCulloch's projects. The fountain sprays water for about 15 minutes every hour between 9am and 9pm. The plume rises from a concrete water-lily sculpture in the center of a large man-made lake. The fountain, driven by three 600 horsepower (450 kW) turbine pumps, sprays water at a rate of 7,000 US gallons (26,000 l; 5,800 imp gal) gallons per minute through an 18-inch (460 mm) nozzle. With all three pumps under ideal conditions, the fountain reaches 560 feet (170 m) in height, though in normal operation only two of the pumps are used, with a fountain height of around 300 feet (91 m) feet. When built, it was the world's tallest fountain and held that record for over a decade.


Just a tasty little treat...

I got the urge to bake some scones after coming home from our picnic and walk this afternoon. The kind that melt in your mouth, are warm and full of buttery goodness kind of scones....unfortunately, had to use store bought strawberry out of, totally out of my Cindy's hand picked, homemade raspberry jam..perhaps she left me some at our home in Kelowna when she was there last week..dare I be so lucky? Do you love scones as well?


Flowers blooming in the "hood"

Just a few of the beautiful Cacti that are starting to bloom in the neighborhood...more to flower as the weather gets warmer..what an amazing year it has been for the wildflowers as well..happy sweet Sunday to you all.


Yesterday's treasures...

Just a few more pieces of Pyrex were found yesterday, several at the thrift store for a couple of dollars..I saw several pink pieces but they where priced very me, it is the hunt and finding even a small piece for the right price that is the thrill of it all...I did find a new antique mall, it has been there for many years, but unknown to nearly made me swoon! ( photos later)


Thrifting today...

I did find some treasures..need to style them and will post them poor sister checked to see what I had posted twice today, nothing, she was so concerned she even phoned to make sure I wasn't sick! Sweet thoughtful are a few things I saw!


Wildflower delight....

We had an a amazing hike was called "First Water Trail" that ended up becoming "Garden Valley Trail". It seems I had to stop more often to see and take photos of the amazing wildflowers that were blooming here at this time of the year...Even though these Superstition Mountans are less an than an hour from the San Tan Mountains were we usually hike, they are quite different..Hiking 6.1 miles on some reasonably steep trails, you had to be careful of the loose rocks on the trail....around every turn there was a beautiful new vista. Seeing water flow in the desert is always a wonderful refreshing feature...Happy second day of spring❤


Meet "Lucy"

I cut out several more patterns from "Miss Maggie" before I will make the one I bought in kit form. I had such fun making "Lucy".. in a spring time dress in a soft floral cotton print, trimmed with little yellow flowers, she is sure to make some child smile. This time I made her bloomers from a pair of gloves, cutting off the two middle fingers as well as the thumb. I cut off the finger tips and crocheted an edge around them..Just working on knitting her a caplet!



I was thrilled to be published in Mollie Makes, issue 25. Each month their paper version comes with a gift..Issue 20 included the yarn to make this coaster..This is the photo of the coaster I submitted! I told Jeremy and Julie how happy I was to be published and it was such a sweet moment for me to get this photo of Claire giving me the "Thumbs Up"


Happy weekend ❤

I found this darling little ceramic dog at the Flea Market...just could not resist his sweet face..hoping your weekend is filled with happiness and joy.


A simple dinner

Having friends over and cooking a meal to share gives me great joy...a simple meal of pasta with chicken in an alfredo sauce, a salad, some veggies..sitting outside in the garden, with the last rays of the sun hitting the is a good way to be able to entertain.
As "Everything goes with Ice Cream"..the dessert was easy to make..We had vanilla ice cream topped with strawberries sweetened with orange juice and a touch of sugar... sitting around the fire outside, it was the simple ending to a lovely evening.


Some new Fabric

Some sweet little cotton fat quarters to make a few new dresses for "Miss Maggie Rabbit" shades of pink, blue & yellow. Can't wait to get started!


Penny and I

This is Penny, the horse I rode for 2 hours in the San Tan Mtns was a lovely, warm, sunny day to be outdoors....85 degrees...Penny was very well mannered and the 6 of us had a great ride! Thanks to my sweet Jimmy for this Christmas was wonderful!


Everything Goes with Ice Cream

I won Koralee's wonderful book from Quarry Spoon who interviewed Koralee about her book. Thank you Katie @ Quarry Spoon for my gift.
This is my third copy that I now own..2 that I purchased and this one that I won....a couple of my friends will be delighted with their gifts❤

Read about their interview with Koralee HERE
You can buy her book here HERE


A thrifty find..

4 beautiful English china bowls found yesterday out thrifting..50 cents each...and 10% off if you were over 55...( ran out of the store hollering to Jim, start the car, start the car, there has been a theft! ) The strange thing is, the do not have any marking on the back..filled with Easter eggs, candies, or even soup or salad..they will be a lovely addition to my collection.



What joy our hikes have brought us...the rains in January have really made the wildflowers start blooming early..these are some the flowers seen on our hike last week...lupines, brittle brush, wild onions, California poppies, as well as a few I don't recognize.....these sweet little wonders cover the hillsides. Since November we have hiked 215 miles....just can't wait to see what will be blooming this week when it gets up to the mid 80's....will keep you posted.


As sweet as can be.

Here she prototype of "Miss Maggie" using my own felt and fabric..I loved knitting her little caplet..glad I made a sample first..the next one I make will be so much easier..isn't she sweet?