Happy Halloween...

As we live in an adult community here in Az..we don't get the chance to see all the kids trick or treat..I miss that and remember how much fun Jeremy used to have going out on Halloween. The sugar high the kids had the next day were memorable....and some one always had to eat the rest of the candy. I hope that the weather is good for all the little ghosts and goblins where ever you are.....

Clip art and pumpkin carving from here.


Alexander's Scrapbooks.

Here are a couple of scrapbooks I made for from us...the other one is the one I made for his Australian grandparents. Shane has a conference in Australia at the end of November and they have to leave 2 days before we have leave. What a wonderful opportunity for Alexander to see all his grandparents with in 2 months of each other.

The last photo below is the one Shane sent us today..taken in the Tea Country up in the mountains..looks beautiful doesn't it? Only 2 more sleeps before we head out.


Cindy's photos

Cindy took these pictures on her walk with Emmylou the other day..I did some Photoshop work on her photos with her kind are the changes I made. I love the photos she took and I took what I have learned to do with a bit of tweaking! Thanks Cindy for sharing Nelson's beauty!


Suitcases packed

We have all of our suitcases packed..not quite as many as all these..but imagine going on a year long cruise and having all this vintage luggage...
We are allowed 2 bags @ 50 lbs each..we have 4 empty with a full one packed inside of it with gifts for Alexander, Shane, Laurie and our World Vision Child. As it gets sent thru all the way to the first stop in the will be a long time before we see our luggage again when we get on the plane in Phoenix! We are praying it all arrives in one piece..
4 more sleeps and counting!


Goodbye Panda

Panda was one of Caroline and Larry's dogs..she was very well loved and cared for. She was 14 and was born with a shorter leg so she was stiff most of the time. Larry started giving all their dogs vitamins with a bit of ice cream and it was fun to see them all lined up to get this treat. This really helped her manage her stiffness.

I am sure she is in that special place where all the dogs go.....where they are all young again and pain free...playing, swimming, fetching balls and doing what they do best...sleeping!

It has been a tough year on our family and friends losing, Pebbles, Cookie, Callie, Shenia, Maddy and now Panda..

I took this photo of her enjoying the sunshine at her home in Bull River...and I am so glad that I have this lovely memory of her.


World Vision

As some of you know we will be going to see our sponsored child..Mahoshani in Sri Lanka on November 12. We have been sponsoring 2 children for 20 years. We would like to be able to share our experience with others and will take lots of photos from our visit.
Please check out World Vision's  new gift catalogue..wouldn't this be a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary instead of gifting those of us who have so much..but but gifting a child, family or village a gift that will really make a difference.

1 Goat $100.00

Goats provide families with protein and income to help them survive and thrive. One dairy goat can give up to 250 litres of milk a year. Two can be bred to produce 2 to 3 kids a year, and eventually multiply into a whole herd. These hearty animals eat grass and leaves, and do well in harsh climates. Give a goat--or maybe two--to make a lasting difference.

Please check out the catalogue on line @ World Vision Canada


My reading List

The flight to the Maldives and to Sri Lanka is a long one..a short flight from Phoenix to LA..then 15 hours non stop from LA to Dubai..6 hours in Dubai then a 4 hour flight to Malle the capital of the Maldive Islands..then a 45 minute float plane flight gets us to our Island. I know we will be tired...BUT....we will get our jet lag all over with as we stay there for 8 days. We will be able to just relax, snorkel and swim in this tropical paradise. The next flight to Sri Lanka is only 1 1/2 hours and we will be in the same time zone..we wanted to be refreshed and relaxed when we see Alexander the first time.

Because of this long trip..I have downloaded some books to take along to read..although there are 600 entertainment channels on the Emerates we won't be bored and we are flying all night. Here a few of them. This was one of the reasons for buying my Ipad..lots of books to enjoy and no weight of lugging them around. I can download them anywhere in a matter of is a good thing.


Old toys...

Found this toy photo @ Antique Mystique. This one done with the app on my iPad called Photogene and the one below done with an app called Photoshop Express

Took this photo this spring when I was thrift shopping with Karen in Mesa.

Who can resist such a sweet face and look at all those books.


Photoshop Lessons..

These are two of the lessons I am learning on my course from Kim Klassen

Both these photos used an overlay of textures. The top photo is one we download from Kim in our class and jazzed it up..the other is mine with a texture overlay. There is so much Photoshop can do..this is just the tip of the iceberg. I am loving this course and I think many of the 400 of us taking it online are amazed at what our wonderful teacher..Kim..from Rivers, Manitoba (pop 1100) is doing with photos and textures. The amazing part..she is showing us for FREE! Her videos are really clear and informative and her blog is amazing. If you have time...check her blog out.

Only one week left here before we head off on our adventure...I have finished one of the little scrapbooks I have made for Alexander and one more I am making for him to give to his Australian grandparents. Shane, Laurie and Alexander have to leave 2 days before we return here to go to a meeting in Canberra Australia...Alexander will have seen all his grandparents in 2 months. He is one lucky boy.



I love cupcakes..small treasures that guarantee to make nearly everyone smile.
Cindy sent these in with Tim to the brewery..what a good baker she is and I should know as I have had many of her wonderful treats!

Cupcake heaven from Devon Cakeadoodledo

Flower cupcakes fromMartha Stewart. Here. check out her book or recipes.

Martha Stewart. Altered back to b&w using Photoshop express

Vintage highlights from pse


At home in AZ..

We really love our winter home here in is just the right size for us and company. We have a beautiful walled in garden at the back of our home as well as some lovely plantings in the front garden. We either ride our bikes or take the golf cart up to the pool..sometimes I walk the 1.5 miles..but carrying a wet beach towel home isn't too much get the picture!! Today is our first sort of overcast day..rained a fair bit last night but more sunny weather over the weekend. Many of our Canadian neighbors are returning this week so the invitations for happy hour will be filling up the calendar.



Skinny-mini adobe Photoshop course

Last night we had our neighbors Jeff and Kathy over for dinner to thank them for taking care of our home. They live here full time and when we are they keep a close eye on our place. It is such a gift to have friends like them..Jim did a wonderful job grilling the chicken to a fine turn.
Other news: the Canadians are arriving back here..the weather has finally moved into the high 80's instead of the high 90' traveling family have reached the Baja and Vegas..all is good. Caroline holds the fort in Bull River as

Countess Caroline of Bull River

This is one of the courses I am taking. Kim has been kind enough to offer this course free! I have wanted to learn more about my Adobe Photoshop ever since I got it a few years ago...and here is my chance..if you want to learn..just follow the links and sign up for free.
Later on some I will be posting some of the photos we are working on.

Kim Klassen Cafe skinny-mini

Kim Klassen Cafe


Miss Louise...

Ever since Cindy and I went to the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane in June..I have wanted one of these vintage shopping carts. To my delight...Cindy found "Miss Louise" at her favorite thrift store in Nelson. I am not sure who was the most pleased...Cindy for finding it or me knowing I will get it as a present and fix it up like the bottom photo. I now have the dimensions to sew the liner for the inside..only a fellow thrift store addict would know what a treasure this is. Thank you Cindy !


Happy Birthday, Laurie

We talked to Laurie last night ( which was tomorrow) to wish her a happy birthday for today..she is a busy Mom with a little guy that has 2 new front teeth and took his first steps Happy Birthday Laurie...we will see you soon.

Cake photo:The Farm Chicks


Hull Pottery

I have a lovely collection of Hull Pottery. I adore the cream and pink colors..
Just before we left BC..I happened to be in Summerland and saw the pink vase with white flowers in 2nd photo..I scooped it up for $20.00...a great find to add to my collection. I really like the fact that the one I had was totally different.

Karen and I went out shopping today..the dear girl has been bereft of my company for the pajst 6 months and was in need of some retail therapy. She had a very good day!!!! Got a few cool things for our trip and am on the hunt for a watch that I can wear in the water and not ruin it...stay tuned!


Desert Colors

I am usually a soft palate kind of gal..but here in AZ. I love the hot, vibrant, bright as you can get colors. They are everywhere but no where more beautiful than in the desert sunset.
Christa tells me she saw snow on her mountains in BC this morning.. we are surrounded with warmth and wonder they call us snowbirds.


In our AZ. Garden

Orange bells, barrel cactus and agave, Mexican pot with bougainvillea on wall, candles in a shady spot on the patio and our water fountain.
This fountain is fairly large creating a soothing sound and a place for the birds to drink. Our garden has matured in just 3 winters down here. I have made some changes as well as added about 80 new plants...trying hard to stay true to my desire to have a calm desert garden. I want it to be alive with hummingbirds and other cheerful little birds.


Lucky #13.... Happy Birthday Carmen!

Thirteen has always been my lucky I have decided I will be on the hunt for that number in different forms.

Today also happens to be Carmen's we send sweet birthday wishes to our daughter-in-law knowing she is going to have a great day and year ahead.