Simply Lovely

I love the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine...and now with their on-line magazine I can read it on the go...just another way to enjoy these beautiful photos!


In my studio..

These are a few of the things I made or have in my craft room...ready to craft...except it has been so warm here that I have been enjoying being outside more...early morning in the or have a nap (or both)..ride my bike read, craft or play there really any difference? hope you have a lovely Sunday!

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morning light.....

The first thing we did when we arrived on Monday was filled the hummingbird feeder and the fountain...two things that give us the most pleasure in our garden...sure enough..the hummingbirds found the feeder and one came over to drink as well as have a bath in the time I will take my camera outside along with my morning coffee..


Starting to get organized .....

here is my new inspiration well as the latest issue of Mollie Makes...the crafting sessions have begun....

I can see these on my Christmas making list!

this one is from Pinterest

cover of the latest issue of Mollie Makes Magazine....they now have an App!
Christa the downloading maven has downloaded hers as well....


glad to be here....

It always seems a bit surreal to see our personal things after 6 is quite wonderful to see all the things we built and is getting the craft room/ guest room back into crafting shape...have lots of projects floating around in my head that just need to get out! Hope where ever you are, you are having a wonderful day! ox


An amazing drive....

2629 km = 1643 miles.. 3 days...Calgary AB to San Tan Valley, Az.
We had alot of fun..Jim did most of the driving...and I tried to keep him entertained...I know we are both glad to be sleeping in our own bed tonight...Here are some of the photos I took today...hope you enjoyed this trip with us!

cool vintage motel..on hwy 89a

follow this road for an amazing drive! elevation gain 7910'

The Vermillion Cliffs....the colors are gorgeous!

@ the Cliff Dwellings...

quaint and colorful!

the Navajo Bridge over the Colorado River....truly an engineering feat.


where the buffalo roam....

From Dillon, Montana to Hurricane, Utah....1039 kms= 649 miles...10 hours on the road..fabulous scenery....there were buffaloes in huge herds roaming the fields, hundreds of domestic sheep, we saw goats, horses, lots of cattle and llamas..this is farming country..plenty of pick up trucks and cowboys..
Tonight now we are in Hurricane..what a fantastic setting in the midst of all these wonderful rock formations ....tomorrow we will make it home to Queen Creek, Az...I think we are taking a few scenic mix it up a bit....hopefully I will be able to get some good photos on our way thru the Vermillion Canyon.


As seen thru our windshield...

Today was a traveling day..9 1/2 hrs...868 kms {543 miles}.....from Calgary Alberta to Dillon, Montana...thru a big broad valley with spectacular colors as we head are some of the pictures I took thru our windshield..plenty of sunshine and good tunes on my was a good safe day to travel.

sunrise just outside of Lethbridge, Alberta

prairie silo in the early morning light.

changing colors on the hillsides.

the cottonwoods showing off their golden beauty....

the big broad farming valleys ......
The best news is that Harry got to come home for a 2 week was great seeing he and Jill and knowing he had this to look forward to..He and Evelyne will continue this next part of his treatment after this much needed and well deserved rest back home in Bull River...we are thinking of you every day!


the boyfriend...

Caleb and Claire discussing how many pumpkins are needed to make a pie!

Claire in the Pumpkin Patch

Doesn't this remind you when you were just a kid playing in the pumpkin patch! She sure looks likes she is having fun!


Leaving Bull River...

Saying goodbye....a foggy moody kind of day..lovely morning drive to see the reno that Richard is working on...going to see Christa and having her tour Jim around their log home including Mike's shop (Jim was impressed..he said that some heavy duty mechanics don't have a shop this well equipped) dinner at the well as packing up to leave early tomorrow morning..all part of the journey....going to see Harry today in Calgary.

Lund Lake on the way to Christa's....

best of friends........

our Bull Mtn..scooped from Caroline's blog with thanks!


The best of friends...

Christa and I went for a walk...and as you can see it was a sunny day...but the wind was sure straight back...we walked up into the hills and saw 4 deer...just casually checking us out from a safe distance away..Christa brought me many treat, canned Kokanee salmon, bath salts and soaps from Rural Roads.. her wonderful DIL Kendall, the amazing Farm Chicks shopping well as the afghan she crocheted for me..I open my presents so quickly I never took a photo..but she did..I will take one of the beautiful afghan tomorrow and post it. Thank you so much Christa for spoiling me.

(taken on my arms are just too short!)


Bull River

We are here in Bull River where I grew up.....staying with my sister Evelyne and her husband Richard...playing @ Mud Frog Studio...the pottery Studio of Caroline and Evelyne..she was showing me how to make a birdhouse..the process was fun...she will fire and glaze it for spring I will have a new bird house! Thank you so much Evelyne and Caroline for giving me a beautiful birdhouse that I will take down with us to Az.
A bonus was spending the afternoon with Christa...sharing a wonderful meal with family and friends!

These are completed pieces that belong to Evelyne and Caroline...they are just lovely! One of these might be my birdhouse!



Worked in the garden with Shannon and helped her put some of her garden to bed...then we went over in the afternoon for a beach visit to see Cindy and Tim..Jim went to town to have a look around for old times sake! Tim was out in his sailboat with friends while Cindy and I enjoyed tea and relaxed in the sunshine..I always feeling so sad saying I don't..I just say see you soon! (6 months goes quickly).
This was the sun shining thru the clouds hitting the water as we were leaving our home in Westbank...

Tim on his wind....but a perfect reflection on the water...what a beautiful today was...the sunshine, the warmth, and our long time friends.

saying "see you later my darling friend Cindy" time away goes so quickly...


Leaving Home...

Our journey south has started with a few planned detours along the way..We are here in Nelson for 2 nights, enjoying Shannon's hospitality..she invited Cindy and Tim over..the meal was was so wonderful...we enjoyed the fire on the beach in the afternoon....the stillness of the lake....the colors of the trees...what is still blooming in her garden...being with friends....taking in the quiet.....