Signs of spring in Nelson

Cindy sent me these photos a few days ago...the squirrel has been very busy over the winter...accumulating quite a pile while looking for pine nuts. I love this shot of the new growth on the tree in the rain. Thanks Cindy for sharing these photos.


I am sure I will be making a few gifts out of this lovely book
 by Mags Kandis.

For this special rock, I worked 2 crochet threads together to add more interest.
I love how this one turned out.

Little flowers waiting to becme brooches..


Cream and white...altered..

These are a few photos I am working with..the one on the left is SOOC
{straight out of the camera}
The one right beside it has been altered in several ways..just in Picasa.
Straighten, more light, film grain and a bit of sharpen.

.These three have all been cropped, sharpened and the last one has had film grain applied.
I will change some of these with Kim Klassen's textures as well this week


What are my friends Making?

Caroline, my sister is crocheting and kittiting for her granddaughter, Gianna. Her work is in the basket...only when she isn't painting.
Christa is making facecloths for Rural Roads. Kendall's new business.
Frosso knitting Easter Chicks and Eggs.

Cindy finished this old cupboard, painting it white She needed a cover for her breaker box in her studio..Tim cut out of the back and added the shelf..
These are a few of my favorite crafty friends!


This is the old shelving unit that I found at a thrift store a couple of years ago...Jim kindly painted it white so it would look better in my craft room..The best thing is having a handy husband that helps out on the "honey do" list.


Claire talks about her mommy

Here is Peter (Jeremy's Dad and Claire's grandad) reading to the little one last week.
Like father like son. What a tender moment.



Each month I make a new header..sometimes I change the header more often..I love the way the headers instantly change the look and feel of my blog.
These have been a few of my favorite from this year.

jan 2011 banner

feb 2011

thread 2

Hearts and flea market finds-1



This little blanket will be a gift for Claire when we see her in a couple of weeks. It is my first crocheted project and with every stitch I made, I thought of Claire and filled it with my love.
My thoughts were also of my Mom who knitted so beautifully and how much she would of loved this little great grand daughter of hers.
I thought about all the adventures she will have in her life and how lucky she is to have been born to Julie and Jeremy.

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View from here...focus52 {12/52}

This was our focus for this weekend....the view from here..these are all flowers from our back is the view I see whenever I am outside.

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Happy Day Stitching Sampler

I just ordered this Happy Day Stitching Sampler from Pam Garrison's Etsy Shop.
Check out her blog Here and see how this was made! Totally cool story!
Buy it here in her Etsy shop.
Will show you how mine looks when I get it finished!

Stitch this sweet little birdie bringing a flower to his loved ones to start off their happy day.
Hand drawn whimsical pattern printed in a silvery blue color on 100% cotton.
Design measures 7" tall by 9 1/4" wide with a generous all white border around entire design. (In the first photo shown I sewed fabric onto the white border)
Use your favorite colors and stitches to complete this sampler and you'll have a one of a kind original when you are done. {The finished, stitched photo shown above is just for example, you'll stitch yours any way you choose as the pattern comes without thread or stitch instructions.}


I found this little milk glass vase yesterday for 99 cents at my very favorite thrift store here in the valley. These cheerful tulips that Jimmy brought home from the grocery store just added an instant hit of joy! I hope where ever you are you can buy a small bouquet of flowers to remind yourself that spring is on it's way.


A bit of this and that....

I am off to have lunch with Shannon today up in Mesa, it will be wonderful to see her and to stop in to a couple of my favorite stores for a bit of thriftiness.
My poor Cindy got skunked yesterday on her journey to her thrift stores in Nelson....but if you can imagine this...she found a really old vintage junk store that had been there 7 years and hadn't discovered it yet! It will be on the top of her list soon!.
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Wool and Cotton Love!

I am just crazy in love with these colors right now.
Nothing makes me happier than having such a fine stash of wool, cotton and blends to create with. Taking them back to BC...good thing we brought the truck!

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Cruising on Saguaro Lake

Jim and I took a great 2 hour cruise on the Desert Belle on Saguaro Lake this Sunday.
This 10 mile man-made lake on the Salt River winds thru a canyon, marshland and desert,
which was so beautiful.
We  saw lots of birds, herons, hawks, buzzards, shore birds, as well as lots of ducks.
They have a pair of nesting bald eagles which we didn't get a chance to see.
It has one of only 8 known crested saguaros that have been found in Arizona. It is a wonderful way to spend part of an afternoon.

Into the canyon 

Volcanic cone
Crested saguaro..when the cacti is damaged this is how some try to heal that damaged area.


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Re-cycling at it's Best!

These are old Tums bottles that my Cindy found and cleaned up. The best part about this lovely display is...I get a few!
She is a true friend sharing such a treasure! With a good cleaning and few tulips these old jars are tuned into the cutest vases bringing spring to any small space. Thanks have a really good eye for a diamond in the rough!