....Little Books......

I love making these little books, the top one I made for my wonderful friend, Christa, and the bottom one for me. A great place to jot down those thoughts that you know will escape you if you don't capture them in that moment. Christa and I talk about this all the time. Trying to remember all those things we have on our mind becomes more difficult as the years go by, so we need to write them down.
So, Christa, yours is being mailed today. I hope that brings you a smile :)


Anonymous said...

For my dear friend, Dagmar
What a beautiful way to greet me this morning!!!! Thank you for diplaying "My Little Book" on the blog and it did bring a smile to my face. Something else for us to share. It brings a warmth to my heart.

How truly blessed I am to have a friend like you.

sending my love

Andrea said...

gorgeous books!

iralamija said...

LOVE THIS! how cute this little books are!!


QueensBayBoy said...

You are absolutely correct about the value of jotting things down.One of my favourite contemporary philosophers is Jim Rohn who says the 3 most important things you can leave behind are 1)your photos 2)your library and 3)your journals. What better legacy than that!
My life revolves around my "Vision" which of course is constantly evolving. I visit it every morning upon rising and again just before retiring. It must be written down!
I also keep a few photos or pictures nearby to remind me of the journey and the intent.
Love ya,