Fairy Meadows

February 22, 1985, this is where I was 22 years ago today. 12 of us met up in Cranbrook, drove to Golden, spent the night then had a helicopter pick us up and fly us into Fairy Meadows in the Selkirk Mountain Range. For 9 days we put on our alpine gear, climbing skins, climbed to the top of the mountains just to have one spectacular run back down to the hut. We broke off chunks of ice from the glacier, brought it down in a pack, just so we could have glacier ice in our drinks that night. The weather was perfect, the powder snow deep, and the scenery breathtaking. The best part was that we all flew out together and safely. The friendships we formed are still special today. I know Shirley is going back to Fairy Meadows in a couple of weeks, and I understand great improvements have been made, especially to the bathrooms... Happy and safe skiing..

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