Love hearts...

I love hearts, making them, finding them, and with wonderful luck, having a healthy beating one....(even though I had rheumatic fever as a child). So as Valentine's Day draws near, I will be searching for more hearts to make but ones that will never break.....hope these make you smile. Who knew that jewellary could be so flexible that you can shape them into hearts like this?

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camport said...

Good call on today...he still has a crusty nose. I LOVE the bottom (r) circle. And I love your flea market find pictures. I'm gonna have to drga my hubby, he's not the flea market type. Anywhere you can daudle, he doesn't want to be. :)

How about this weather?? Everybody else is freezing their butts off, we wore shorts yesterday! High FIVE to you! :) Chrissy