Old Apache Highway....

We spent a wonderful day yesterday, taking the Old Apache Highway, Route 88 toward Roosevelt Lake. This is an amazing stretch of winding roads with sheer drops to the canyon like valley below. Much like a small Grand Canyon. There is only one small peice of civilization on the way called Tortilla Flats, and that is where most people stop and turn around. We went further towards the look-out on a dirt road, that leads to a 10% grade on a one way "Mule train" road for a couple miles down into the canyon towards Apache Lake. We didn't have enough time to complete the journey, because it comes out between Payson and Fountain Hills and that would of taken another 4 hours or so. I even found some rocks on the north side covered in moss, imagine that, in the desert.The difference species of cactus that were along the way were amazing, and the colors of the rocks and the lichen on them was beautiful. If you are ever down this way, it is a great day trip.
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