Happy 1st day of Spring....

Oh what fun Christa and I had with each other yesterday and this morning. We had lunch at "Bliss Bakery" in Peachland, then drove around the waterfront, had a wine tasting with Judith at Mission Hill Family Estate, crafted into the night, had dinner, stayed up late and laughed unitl tears rolled down our cheeks. This morning I had another treatment, now I am good for the rest of the summer.
Quote: "A best friend is a sister that destiny forgot to give you".
This is for thanks.

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camport said...

Had to catch up on your blog...I love the doilies!!

My husbands grandpa gave me a whole stack a few years ago. Apparently, Sean's grandma had a knack for crocheting. I have no idea what to do with them, but I'm glad I have 'em.

Happy Spring! Chrissy