Yesterday when I was looking for something for my craft room, and I found this photo of my son Jeremy and I. It was taken on Jan.05/1987. When I found this photo after all these 20 years have passed, I was so glad I did two things: 1) save the photo and write the date on the back, 2) have kept the journals or daily books where I had recorded this information. Even though I did not scrapbook at that time, now I can. Seeing us here together and remembering the moment is priceless. So Jeremy, this one is for you this morning. I love you and miss you so much.


Anonymous said...

hello Jeremy's name is Catherine and i am a colleague of your son's at Riverside. He and I share many laughs each day and it is such a pleaasure having him around. I have become very fond of him, and can understand how you would miss him. He shared your blog site with me when I mentioned that I have become newly interested in scrapbooking and fact we are having a scrapbooking session at our next Pro-D Day. I hope to make a scrapbook of my own son's photos which I have kept over the years. How quickly they grow!! I am really enjoying looking at the photos and your beautiful scrapbooking and cards.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Dagmar,

Jeremy came to my room Friday morning to tell me that you had found my comment! I was looking at your blog again just now and had a couple of your list of blog sites, are any of them about scrapbooking? How did you begin this hobby and how did you get things organized? I also have kept photos and other keepsakes and would like to start devoting a bit of time to sorting and choosing which items to put into scrapbooks, etc. Also, what is the book Three Moons in Vietnam about? I was intrigued by the title....The more I look at your blog site, the more amazed I am at all your fabulous work!!

I'll visit again,