Pismo Beach, Ca....

There is something so soothing being by the water, whether it is the ocean, a lake or a river. Pismo Beach is a great little town on Hwy 101, an old surfers paridise. The sunsets are so beautiful, lots of broken shells to make hearts, and the sand is really hard so you can even write on it and it stays.
The dogs love to be able to run off leash, and run into the ocean. It takes them a few minutes to realize that the water does not taste good. They come back so tired after all their exercise, they sleep all day and then all night.
It is a sunny day here, lots of families here camping with their kids, such a great change from all the "old RVer's." It is great to wake up and hear the kids laughing.
I hope whereever you are today, you are having a good day.

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camport said...

So pretty. Phoenix is having a horribly windy day today. At least where we're at. I tried to take the kids out and blow some bubbles. That was fun. They were mezmerized by the bubbles for 1/2 a second, only for the wind to blow them away.

Inside now, hoping the little one will take a nap so I can scrapbook. I don't think it's gonna happen...

Love the pictures, the mountains and the beach all in one shot. Beautiful.