Happy Birthday....

Today is our SPCA rescue dog, Pebbles's 11th birthday. She has been with us for 6 years, and we are her 4th and final home. Here she is when we lived on the lake in Nelson, she always wants to be as close to me as possible. When you have two older dogs like Cookie (13) and Pebbles @ 11, it is both a happy and sad time. Happy that you have had the love of these pets for all these years, and sad because they are the age that they are. Both are in good health and it is our wish they stay with us as long as they are well.
Also, not to be left out, Happy Birthday to our wonderful brother-in-law Richard. Have a great time @ the Ram Creek party, and we will have a drink for you and the other birthday boy, my brother Steven (June 22) here for you in the Okanogan.
The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.
~William James

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