Shirley's Pakistan trip...

I thought I would share a couple of photos from Shirley's trip to K2. I really enjoyed her slides and all the wonderful scenery that she saw. Thanks for sharing this, Shirley

K2 (over 8000 meters) from Concordia Camp on Baltoro Glacier.

K2 base camp trek - camp at Goro 2 on the Baltoro Glacier. 16 clients; 1
English guide; 1 Pakistani guide; 1 cook and 4 cook assistants - 89 porters
- trekking for 15 days - travelling from Islamabad to Skardu via Karakorum
Highway made the total trip 23 days. Reached K2 Memorial @ 5000 metres.
Great fun!!

Today: remembering my sister- in law Jill's birthday
Remembering my mom today: it's been 7 years already since she passed away, and she is missed by all her family.

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