Shopping with Jimmy....

Today we do the inspection on our house, and then on Tuesday sign all the papers and get the keys Wednesday to move in. They really do things differently down here, so it has given us time to go shopping. We chose this couch, because it is the right size, and can accommodate Jim lounging (all 6'3") of him, when he wants to watch TV and both dogs, and room even for me. The leather coffee table is still being debated, but I really like it, as the adventure continues. We have the K&Q beds already and on Wednesday it will be a delivery day. Off to shop some more, for me it is fun, for Jim, not so much, .....but he is a tremendous good sport about it all. I am sure that the golfing beckons him, and I will be free to shop on my own....The girls haven't seen their new sectional couch yet, but we are sure it will meet with their approval.
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Grampa (The Dad) said...

Glad to see you arrived in one piece. I can tell from the picture that Jim is really enjoying the shopping, I know it would be a hilite for me!