Shapes & Textures

These are some of the shapes and textures that I found at the Mesa Flea Market last week when we were there. They sell everything, from baskets to cacti...

The weather has been 10 degrees above average with only 2.71 " of rain in 2007. Today is cooler with some cloud cover and after all these temps in mid to high 80's, this is a refreshing change. However, I have promised my sister Evelyne, when she and Richard leave Bull River, BC. at the end of November, we will still save some warm weather for them.

In our community called Solera, here in Queen Creek , AZ. they are building 5 new homes a week and the project of 720 homes will be completed by the end of May in 2008. We are the last phase in this development, so we get to see the progress on a daily basis. It is amazing to watch the construction and how hard these labours work. We had our back yard landscaped, and our crew worked from 6:30am to 2:30pm and I hardly ever saw them stop for a break. They were all from Guatemala, sang while they carried full wheelbarrows of gravel, dirt, and trees to complete our yard. We extended our patio, and they brought all the concrete in wheelbarrows, from the front of the house to the back. I thought they might use a pumper truck, but not these guys, they did a great job, and not once did I hear any of them complain or curse. My Spanish is improving and I am now fluent with about 10 words.
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