Winter in BC....

Don't you just love the contrast, today in Cranbrook, BC with Christa all bundled up in her snowmobile suit with my Bull River Mts. in the background, to her last week at the pool.... 1600 miles apart and total contrast!!!!. She said they had a ball playing with there sleds on such a sunny day.

Jim went to the FBR Golf where it was really cold for most of the morning, and no traffic there or back, and he watched JP Holmes win in the playoff against Phil....I had a lovely day at home here, reading, crafting , walking the dogs and just hanging out........
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hippochick said...

My Jim and I watched the golf on television this weekend. It looked cold in Phoenix. We are off to Vegas next week for our six-week winter stay. It doesn't look really warm there yet either.

Love the contrasting pictures.

Is Christa your sister or friend, or both?

hippochick said...


Have you read "Water for Elephants"? Great, great book. How about Elizabeth Berg, do you read her?