Dog Rescue....

Yesterday we found this lovely little pure bred German Shorthair Pointer. One of the neighbours rescued him out of the Cholla cactus, where he had them stuck all over. He kept biting to get them off of him. The barbs got stuck in his mouth and he never even made a sound when Greg pulled them out. Jim ( who has such a tender heart for lost/stray animals as well) went over to find out why a dog was barking, and asked me to have a look at this skinny little dog. I brought him some food & blanket to sleep on and stayed with him for a while.He just wanted someone to pay attention to him, but never jumped up or made any noise. Another neighbour had found a leash, had given him water and they were waiting for the ASPCA to come. The animal control officers couldn't pick him for up to 3 days. I would of loved to keep him, but with our 2 girles, it would not of been the right thing to do at this time. He was all skin and bones with ribs and back bones were sticking out, but he was very gentle when he eat the food given to him. When I picked him up and put him in the Van, he licked my face and gave me all kinds of kisses. That just about did me in. I decided to drive him down to their Shelter near Casa Grande. He sat in the back of the Van and drink some water, and I know that he felt safe for the first time in a long time. I saw Sue, one of the Ya Ya's sisters at the mail box and she never even hesitated a minute to come with me and keep me company on the drive down. Thank you Sue for your kindness.

I had already called the Shelter to make sure that they didn't put the animals down, and they don't unless they are viscous. Since he is so gentle, young, ( 9 months old) and quiet, he should find a home soon. He was reluctant to get out of the Van, but once he got inside where his paper work got done and his photo taken, he put his paws up on the counter and checked out the cat. They were so friendly and compassionate there, I felt ok to leave him. He will be posted on their site and after 4 days, if no one claims him, he will be put up for adoption.

I will try to post a photo of "Sol" later. What a day we had.

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hippochick said...

Oh, Dagmar, I wish I could have been there to at least pet him. We have decided not to have another dog at this time, but I would have loved him, I know.

Thank you for being such a compassionate friend to him.

P.S. We're back in UPstate NY and so far the weather is bearable.