My cupcakes....& Nicole....

Well, here are the cupcakes that I made and although tasty, not nearly as picturesque as the ones that Kate Shirazi of Cakeadoodledo made. I am going to get Kate's book, Cupcake Magic, and see it that will make a difference. It was fun to make, but the icing was not quite right. I delivered some to my buddies Andrea and Judith. I work with both of them at Mission Hill Winery. Andrea said she put hers in the freezer and only has 1/2 a one per day and Judith said she and Andrew eat theirs. They both have homes here where we live in in Sonoma Pines.

Cold as anything here today and supposedly this weekend it will be snowing.


Happy Birthday to little Nicole, who turned 1 in March, thank you Kim for sharing her photos with us. How she has grown and what a sweetie....Nicole, one of these cupcakes is for you.

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hippochick said...

The cupcakes look pretty good to me. Yummy!!