Vancouver...Day 1

Staying overnight for a couple of days with my long time friend Frosso..

Shopping for things at Antique Attic for all things Vintage. Cindy, I took these for you when you come down with me next time.

Real Vintage Fiestaware

I worked Wednesday morning at the winery, Jim had my car loaded, lunch for me, and I left around noon. It has been so cold in Westabank although there wasn't any snow on the road, it sure was piled up high on the sides. Drove into Port Coquitlam, met up with Jeremy and finally got to see their new place...Loved it. We got some Sushi and when Julie came home from her teaching job, we eat and had a lovely visit...I drove into Vancouver to stay the next couple of days here at Frosso's, staying up until 12:30 catching up with her.
Tomorrow I have lunch with Shirley and then overnight until Sunday afternoon with Jeremy and Julie's. It still hasn't warmed up at all...but we are sure that Spring/Summer is just around the corner....But at least the flowers and the trees are blooming.

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