What's blooming today..

Apple blossoms in Kelowna

Alpine plants in my front courtyard

Mexican Mock Orange in planter.

Still cool here, rained all last night, but they say we are getting warmer weather, ha, I will believe that when I see it.
Jim is in Calgary visiting his 94 year old Mom and son Brad and Carmen until tomorrow. Jeremy & Julie are heading on the red eye out of Seattle today with 5 other teachers and 52 students to Orlando for 10 days of Science and hopefully some fun. Christa is in Airdrie without her grandchildren and feeling rested and riding her bike. Shannon is back from AZ. in Vancouver and heading to Nelson for the summer. Shirley is hard at work at the Cancer Clinic in Vancouver planning a hiking holiday in Patagonia. The Ya Ya's are in Vancouver and Kamloops respectively. Frosso is busy in her garden and working hard in Vancouver. Noreen is minding her clothing store in Nelson. My brother Werner is heading to the Baja, Heinz and Marlene are still cool in Williams Lake and the rest of my bro's and sisters are all in Bull River all doing their own things. I work for the next 3 days and Cindy comes to visit me on Saturday for 3 nights. I can hardly wait to see her again as it has been 7 months..Ya Ya!!

So there you have tidy little world..I am off to walk the dogs, buy some groceries and have my friend Andrea over for dinner tonight.

Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer. ~Author Unknown

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