Part of my Family....

These are my 2 sisters, Caroline and Evelyne in Caroline and Larry's log home that they bought from my parents long ago and have totally made it their own.

My brother Harry, just getting this photo was great, as he is pretty quiet and a bit shy. What a handsome guy!!! He lives here with his wife Jill in a house they built together.

And here I am with my youngest brother Steven, even more difficult to get a photo of, but I am so glad they all humored me and let me take their pictures. He is kind of cute as well, eh? He shares this wonderful log home with his wife Stefanie, son Tyler and daughter Cassidy.

I had a wonderful couple of days back in Bull River, where I still feel is my home in my heart.

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hippochick said...

wonderful family photos. you all have such amazing smiles. home IS where the heart is.