@ Shannon and Del's

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep on the Sun Rivers Golf course where Shannon and Del live in Kamloops

Shannon and Del.....hamming it up !!!!

The new cabin on the Shuswap, which will soon be enjoying the sounds of laughter, and cooking!!!

The view from the beach....

We drove up and spent the night with Shannon and Del. She is my Ya Ya friend that also lives in Queen Creek, AZ, and we sorely missed our other Ya Ya pal, Sue, who had to work in Vancouver....however do not feel too sorry for her as she and Dave are spending next weekend with Shannon and Del (their second choice after finding out we were busy that weekend, ha ha!!!!) So anyways, we had a lovely drive up, Jim and Del golfed while Shannon and I went out for lunch, did a bit of shopping, had a great dinner, some wine, and then to bed. This morning we drove to their new under construction lake house, sweet, and had a picnic on their beach...On the way home, stopped in at a couple of golf courses & antiques shops. Found Cindy's birthday present, so it was a successful trip!!!!!

The dogs were really happy that we were home, but they had the great company of one of the gals I work with, Erin, who stayed at the house and dog sat...thank you Erin!!!!

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We need the tonic of wildness. We can never have enough of nature.

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