This will be Shirley's new home.
In the next couple of months my friend Shirley in Vancouver, will be living "aboard" Adelante in FalseCreek at Pier 32 Marina!! Shirley just purchased this 1912 "Union Lake Dreamboat" - fiberglassover wood hull, 42 feet long, 10 foot beam -
Shirley will still has her land house, but this has been a dream of hers since 1975.
I am so proud of you Shirley, having the courage to live your Dream.
Adelante meaning " moving forward" in Spanish.
Learn of the little nautilus to sail, Spread the thin oar, and catch the driving gale.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Adelante.......thank you so much for sharing both this hope laden Spanish word and Shirley's courage.
Inspiration well taken.
and to you my friend Adelante......