It's a Dog Life.....

Cookie relaxing @ Peachland after having had her treats on our picnic.

Maddy basking in the sun @Peachland.

Pebbles resting on the couch.

This is a photo of Buddy. He lives next to Frosso's house in Vancouver. These row houses have 3 1/2 floors and here he is inside the closet which has a window on the 3rd floor. He has all day TV viewing of the street and the park across the way. I took this photo from the street.

My trip to Vancouver started out later than intended, as I was sick with a cold and feeling really awful. The weather was pretty bad driving down with fog at the summit and then it rained all the way from Hope to Vancouver.

A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods.

~Rachel Carson ...

However, seeing Frosso and having a chance to shop at our FAVOURITE stores restored my faith that I will recover from this cold!!! I will post some photos tomorrow of my finds.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Oh my goodness! absolutely the sweetest! all those pics make one go "awwwwww!" so so so cute! :O)