Text message from Hawaii.....

Jeremy and Julie arrived safely in Hawaii to enjoy the sunshine and just hanging out...when I got off work, there was a text message on my cell telling me that they had arrived.
Everything a Mom wants, to know their loved ones have arrived safely. Then he called just as we got into the house...
Love you guys!!!
Happy 45th birthday to my brother Werner in the Baja. We are all thinking of you today.


hippochick said...

Hi Dagmar,

My kids, who didn't have money for a honeymoon when they were married, went to Hawaii on the 5th two years ago. Gretchen called it her "Honeyversary". They are saving for Alaska for their 10th.

Happy Anniversary, belatedly to your kids.


Happy Day Lady said...

What a good, good son! :O)
Way to go Jeremy!
us moms just love to know you are "there" and safe! :O)
Thanks for sharing Dagmar ...made me smile in my heart with a "understanding smile"