1957 School Bus Ride...

My sister-in-law, Marlene sent me this great photo today, and it is a good thing that it is faded, but therewe are in the front row, looking ever so cool!!! Some things just never change!!!! Thanks so much Marlene, for sending this on to us!
Marlene's dad was our bus driver, and there she is beside my brother Heinz, whom she married in 1970...

This is the note attacthed to it from Marlene.

"Mom was given this picture of Dad with all of his students who rode the bus with him in 1957. To the right of Dad is Lynn Stokes, Gail and Gary Hansen --- to the left of him is Iris Atcheson, Bonnie and Joyce Miller and then in the front is Dagmar, Myself and Heinz. How cool is that"

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Happy Day Lady said...

How cool is that indeed! Wow! What a treasure to have Dagmar. And it is so amazing how your lives were woven together through ridin' on the school bus. (I picked you out right away
before I read who was who! :O) )
Thank you for sharing :O)
Happy Day!