Last Birthday photos...

Jimmy and I

Cone Flower ceramic bowl that was made by Cindy for me. It is a great shape and will look great filled with Peaches.

Can you just taste how good these scones, jam and devonshire cream really were...well, let me tell you, they were some GOOD!!!


Happy Day Lady said...

Awwwwww! What a nice picture of you and your hubby! You are positively glowing! I am so very glad you had an awesome birthday my friend. I could jump in the scone picture and eat it all up!!! I love scones and cream and jam and and ......mmmmmm (oooops! I think I hear the WW police sirens!!!)
Yikes!!! (good thing pics don't have calories.... or do they?) ha ha
And great to see your extended family too including your dear buddy who planned such lovely birthday surprises! That dish is gorgeous eh?
Keep soakin' it in my friend!
Shall see colorful you "on tour" soon! :O)
Many Blessings!

Vangelis said...

Great picture of you two, but drinking alone on
your birthday? Jim does,t know that red wine keeps hair from turning white?
Love and kisses,