No Calorie Cupcakes...

Yesterday, I made these Cupcakes from old sweaters, chenille, felt and other vintage fabrics. Added ric rac, ribbons, buttons, and some pearl bling just for the fun of it.They start their life off as a tube, cut in half, and the ribbing of a felted sweater as the outside, from there you can add anything you like.
I was thinking of Kate Sirazi, from Cakeadoodledo in the UK as I was making these without any calories...
Cindy gave me the idea for this from a photo in a magazine, so I knew that I had the supplies in my craft room to start. After I made one, I would take a photo of it and send it off to Cindy for her approval, she was always enthusiastic about them.
They are on the cake stand that Cindy
gave me for my birthday.
I am off to the Thrift Store to find some more little sweaters in pink and green.
These could be actually used as pin-cushions as well.
"It's no wonder that you are as cute as a cupcake"


Happy Day Lady said...

Amazing Dagmar! The depth of your creative imagination and prolific execution of your ideas - continues to astound me!
Gorgeous! :O)

frosso said...

These are great Dag!
I wonder what Martha would have to say about them. I'll be on the look out for old sweaters for you.

hippochick said...

You are so clever.