Garden Wreath
An evergreen wreath lasts many weeks in cooler weather. Wire it with fall decorations for Thanksgiving, then switch colors to swing into December.

Natural Door Decor
Metal sap buckets and tin cones are great for displaying a bunch of dried grasses or wildflowers. Hang yours on a door, in an entry hall, or on the porch.

A vintage garden fork gets a second life as a door decoration when outfitted with sturdy ears of dried corn. The corn can be wired onto each tine for easy removal later.

Fragrant Foliage
This wreath combines dried sweet Annie, dried lavender, purple statice, globe amaranth, and large green kale leaves for a decoration that smells as good as it looks. Experiment with different plants to find the looks and aromas you love most.

Twine a Vine
Whether you buy a vine wreath or make your own, the addition of decorations can really make it special. A wild array of berry branches bursts forth in autumn splendor, creating a wreath that is both easy to make and memorable.

Wine Whimsy
A plain Styrofoam wreath form gets a makeover from wine corks and dried flowers attached with hot glue. A frothy bow of champagne-colored sheer ribbon gets wired to the top.

As found in Country Living Magazine...


Happy Day Lady said...

I love wreaths too! Which one is your fav.?
Haapy Day!

Happy Day Lady said...

oops! that's h a p p y day ! :O)

hippochick said...

I choose the lavendar one!!