Caldwell, Idaho...

Arrived here in Caldwell, Idaho, just north of Boise at 4:30 PDT but it was 5:30 here as we are now on MDT...Great drive, left at 5:45 am, went thru the border with out a glitch, then a wonderful sunny 559 miles of driving. It was a fun to share the driving and then Jim's hip didn't bother him so much.
The dogs were great, we took about an extra 1 1/2 to eat and walk the dogs...hopefully I will be able to download a few pictures I took.
Gas prices ranged from $3.53 per gallon to $2.99...
We saw about 12 fantastic wind turbine blades being transported on these massive trucks, it was really impressive. As well, we saw potatoes, corn and a ton of onions being trucked all over.
More later, heading out to have a bite to eat.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Idaho will never be the same!
ha ha ha
really glad to get your cheery updates :O)
God bless you and your journey