Caroline's Art Work...

This is my sister Caroline's newest art that she is working on. The Owl and the Blue Jay are painted on rocks while the Border Collie (not finished yet) is on canvas..What a talent she is.
We leave at 5:30 tomorrow....can hardly believe that it has come so quickly.
I am hoping that we will have Internet at the hotels where we are staying while we travel, so I will try to keep up these post in the evening.!!
Thanks for everyone's good wishes for a safe journey!!!


hippo chick said...

I love the blue jay. Also, I love Judith Viorst. She is such a talented lady.

I know you are on the road and have been thinking of you today.

Have a good trip.

~hippo hugs~

We have given in and are flying out to Vegas for a week at Thanksgiving. Seems silly when we will be back again in February, but I just miss my kids too much.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog.You are so TALENTED,you must come from a very talented family.I also am very impressed with your sister's artwork.Keep up the good work!!!Please continue to show write about yourself and your family members.Is everyone in your family so talented?