Day 2 Ely, Neveda

We drove 400 miles from Caldwell, Idaho, to Ely, Nevada today.
Here are the blades that we saw driving by. Wow, where they ever long.

Pebbles having a nap after a hard night of coughing and panting...She seems to be better today on the drive. Cookie just slept nearly all the way, just opened her eyes to eat and go for a quick walk.

Lunch on the run near a green space at Jackpot, Nevada.

Today it was really warm nearly all the way, here at Ely today it is 70 degress at 6300 feet at 4:00.

Tomorrow we will be in Queen Creek, AZ.

Probably another 600 miles tomorrow.


Happy Day Lady said...

Oh Pebbles be well! Mom and Dad will take good care of you!
And those blades WOW! they ARE amazing! soooooo loooong!
So fun to be on the trip "with you"
You are very eligible for a Queen blogging award!
God Bless you all!

hippo chick said...

Arent' those blades amazing? We are beginning to have windmills near here. I'm enjoying your trip south.

~hippo hugs~