Pool time....

The essential water bottle.

Pool at the club house at 84 degrees

Work out room...notice it is almost empty!!! We would rather hang out at the pool when it is 98 degrees outside.

Jimmy swimming....super weather, and finally after arriving a week ago yesterday, things are almost all in place. It feels like home again.


Happy Day Lady said...

Hey Jim! don't go down the deep end!
ha ha ha ha
Wow! It is simply amazing to me how hot and gorgeous it is there! And as I said in another post, how seamlessly you both flowed into your "Southern" home! I am very happy for you both - soak it in - enjoy every ray of sunshine! Thanks for the lovely pics. I can feel the sun from here! :O)

hippo chick said...

I'm just catching up. What a nice trip you had on your way to AZ. My Jim and I have been watching the building of the bridge over Hoover Dam for some years now. It is an awesome sight, isn't it? I am wondering if it will be in use when we get out there in February.

As much as I'm enjoying this fall weather, I'm really anxious for the warmth when we go to Vegas for Thanksgiving. Jim is already complaining about the coming winter.

I'm glad you arrived safely and that you are pretty much settled.