The Student & the Teacher

Here I am, the Student, and my very skilled Teacher, 13 year old Bre. She was amazing in the patience and skill she had to help me out. Her Mother, Andrea, home schools her 3 children and all of them are so delightful!!!

I took over my Laptop I played and learnt about Adobe Photoshop!!

Some of the things that I am able to do now to enhance my blog banner.

Keep posted......changes are coming!!!


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~Author Unknown


♥{BreWiebe}♥ said...

thank for your comments :)
like your banners!

Andrea said...

Hi Dagmar :)
Your banner looks just perfect.
I love the colours on your blog :)
Love you lots,

Happy Day Lady said...

Very very cool!
Way to go Bre! And Dagmar
it is so cool how you keep adding to your talents! As Andrea says what a joy to enjoy!

Happy Thursday! :O)