Heart Felt!!!

My sister Evelyne and her husband Richard left their home in Bull River today with their 5th wheel to come down here for the winter...We call them "Driving with hair straight back" as they will be here Saturday sometimes.I am really excited to have them here with us...they will stay until they go to the Baja on Dec 4 to visit our brother Werner for 3 weeks and then spending Christmas here with Jim and I. They will spend about 4 months hanging out with some more of the other family and friends that will come down to Casa Grande..It is always a good time!!!

It poured buckets last night as well as the incredible lighting and thunder show...The poor dogs were so afraid and Jim slept thru it all...amazing!!! So, I got up and crafted for a while, and continued making some felted little Christmas things..

Happy American Thanksgiving. We are going over to have dinner with Ya Ya Shannon and her husband Del. Yummy!!!

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Happy Day Lady said...

I love how you write!!
"Hair straight back! "....

It just makes me smile thinking of all the fun y'all are havin' so happy for you Dagmar and Jim and girlies!

Tell the girlies that the angels were bowling the other night and that's why it was so loud!

Have a yummy dinner! (gotta love it two thanksgivings in one year!
:O) oh and love your feltwork!