Tapa's Party....

The pumpkin at night.


How it looked in the daylight...perfection

Del, the pumpkin carver and his creation.

Ya Ya Shannon undecided which white wine to drink first!!

A happy bunch!!!

Some of the food.

Our backyard played hosted to some our "Solera" Canadian friends..
Everyone brought a yummy thing to eat, and Del even carved this wonderful pumpkin.
We started at 4;30( the proper time to start happy hour) and finished at 8:30. It was so warm that we were able to stay outside with a few candles light well into the night. We all had a great time.
Cookie and Pebbles were particularly interested in any food that might have much fun.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Dagmar! How fun is this?! What a smile maker to enjoy these pics of y'all good peoples having good times!
It's just so fun to see! And also to see tidbits of the desert, your yard and such.
You rock!
Here's a quote that reminds me of you:
"Spontaneity is a wonderful thing, that's why it's good to plan for it"
Susan Branch