The Ya Ya's all together again!!!!

Sue, Shannon and I
Jim and I

Future Balloon Ride...Yes!!!
We went with our friends to a new development called "Sun City Anthem" @ Merrill Ranch. All of us had looked at this last year before we bought in Solera @ Johnson Ranch...It is about 12 miles south of us. We tasted some good food, listen to a great jazz band and toured and saw some new show homes...a lovely way to spend the afternoon at 80 degrees and by the way, today it rained here.
Welcome our friends Harvey and Annmarie from Grande Prairie who are down here at their new house for the next 10 days!!

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Happy Day Lady said...

What a picture perfect day!
Sandra Bullock, Ellen Burstyn, Fionnula Flanagan have nothing on you 3 gals!!
Three cheers for sisterhood in the 'hood! :O)