500th post!!!

Jim practising at our driving range.

The practice green.

The golf swing!!!
Ev and Richard leave today to fly to visit our brother Werner in Cabo...for nearly 3 weeks. I am dropping them off at the airport then heading to see Shannon in Scottsdale..Jim and the dogs will have 2 days of quiet....
Happy birthday to Lisa today, Brad yesterday, and it would of been our Dad's 85 birthday yesterday..


hippo chick said...

Wow! 500 posts, and all of them lovely.

I'm just catching up with you after my trip to LV. I am sorry to read of your recent losses.

Enjoy your lovely weather. Your back yard looks delightful.

Happy Day Lady said...

500th post!!!! WoooooHoooooo!!!!

And what a treat Dagmar - it takes dedication and creativity to share well on a blog - thank you!

Have a marvelous time in Scotsdale! :O)

Jim, maybe the girlies can caddy for you! :O)