Around the house today..

I took these pictures today to show you what I have around the house for Christmas time. Alot of these things I have made.
I am currently on the hunt for all things that glittery, especially silver. Also looking for vintage Christmas tablecloths.
I know, Cindy, you will be so surprised to read this.
On a special note:
Happy Birthday to my dear sister-in-law, Marlene,
who celebrates today, and I think we are staying at 40!!!
Safe travels to you and Heinz on your way down here.
Also to my Westbank buddy, Andrea, who celebrates her birthday today as well.
Many many happy returns.
Ev and Richard headed out today in their 5th wheel for a week or so in Tuscon and are planning to meet up with Heinz and Marlene in Casa Grande around January 4th...more fun times for them. We had a great time with them and are looking to joining up with them over the next couple of months having dinners and just hanging our when the rest of the group gets down here.
Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.
~Martin Buxbaum

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Happy Day Lady said...

Lovely to look at! Fun to smile about! Indeed Happy Birthday Andrea! and God bless all for safe travels - y'all will have GREAT fun at the Swift Home - where the welcome mat is always out - the wine chilling - and smiles greeting you at every turn.