Snow in Vancouver

Frosso sent me these photos of the snow that has been falling in Vancouver.
Her little dog Sasha loves it, and it sure makes everything look fabulous...
Keep on shovelling dear Fro, while we bask under just slightly over-cast skies!!
Additional news:
Cindy got her wrist/arm cast off yesterday so she is one happy CHICK. Can't wait until she has all the range of motion back so she can get back to crafting!!
My new banner today was made with Cindy in mind!!!

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Happy Day Lady said...

Go Cindy Go! Yes! Snow!!!! in Vancouver and lots of it! I think more than in the Valley! Should be very very interesting down there
(I think snow plows are a fairly foreign sight)
Dagmar - we are going to send some snow down for y'all! I just KNOW you miss it!
ha ha ha