550th post...

Popcorn Tops

Glass Beads on a bracelet.

Paintings on Sale.

Details on a Pashmina
Hard to believe that this is my 550th post...
Thanks to all of you who let me know with comments or via e-mail that you are enjoying what I have to say and the crafts that I do.
It is allot of fun for me, and it keeps our large family connected without a ton of e-mails.
Today Jim, Cookie and I went to the Mesa Flea Market.
Cookie was very content in the car in the shade with all the windows down, a full tummy and a full bowl of water...Jim and I just walked around for a couple of hours and looked.
These are some of the photos I took in several of the booths..It is always an interesting way to spend a 1/2 a day.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Congratulations!! WOW! 550th post! It is amazing how these things add up isn't it?
Blogland is enriched by you :O)

I love the fun day pics you take :O)
It makes us feel like we are coming on a walk with you !
Happy Sunday lovely lady xo