Fog in Vancouver, B.C....

Vancouver city center from Cypress Mtn.

Lions Gate bridge from Grouse Mtn.

View of the city at sunset from Grouse Mtn.

Shannon sent these these photos and I thought they looked quite wonderful as long as you were on the top of these mountains and not struggling thru this thick fag for many many days...
Good news, the fog has finally lifted and is gone!!


Happy Day Lady said...

Absolutely spectacular! photos!
Wow! Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations to the photographer! I would send those into a competition - fantastic!

hippo chick said...

How gorgeous. What wonderful photos. I, too, say kudos to the photographer.

~hippo hugs~

Happy Day Lady said...

Good mornin' Dagmar!
Poppin' in to say how fabulous your new header is! All the hopes, dreams, love, mischieviousness, laughter, wonderful heart and talent reflected in those little girl's eyes

Hmmmmm - she sure looks like you!