Happy reminders..

A happy moment with Pebbles this spring!

Cookie keeping me company right now on the bed in the guest room

This is a photo of Cindy's Studio which she sent yesterday to remind me how much snow I am missing.
She wanted to know if I was missing all this snow? In lots of ways I do miss snow at Christmas, but when I get up in the morning and feel the warmth and see all that sunshine, no, I don't miss it!!
It was a great day yesterday and today hanging out with Shannon.
We went to a new plant nursery and found some treasures which will be planted in our gardens over the next few days.
When I got home, most of the patio was finished and the new pavers that were laid look wonderful.
We moved all the furniture back on it, but it was too dark to take photos...more tomorrow.


hippo chick said...

What a beautiful picture of you and Pebbles. You both look so happy.

Happy Day Lady said...

Yes such a lovely picture of you and Pebbles
God Bless you Dagmar