How cute are these?

Not sure how old I am here, but don't you love the great hairdo!!
Of course I am holding my pet cat..I noticed a ton of scratches on my arms..typical kid, probably holding her too tightly and I didn't want her to get away. I added the pink to the b&w photo as well and I painted my hair yellow..It was so white blonde then that you hardly knew that I had any color at all.
The new series of valentine tags I am working on. Have my sewing machine out and that means that neither paper or cloth are safe!!

Illustration from a 1966 garden book that I painted with water colors.
Happy with the way it turned out...definitely a pink day..
thinking of you Suzi..the perfect pink color.

The process..always fun getting the inspiration..and then being able to have the time to complete this little fun project. Tags make sure a great valentine's day gift and more special because they are made by hand.

This apron was part of the blog that I thought I had just put into draft, but it got here it stays. Cute eh?

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hippo chick said...

I remember when I could fit into something like that. Oh, for the good old days!!


Happy Day Lady said...

Aw! thanks Dagmar! It is the perfect shade of pink :O)
Golly, I love those tags, and looking at the photographs of your paints and such laid out, it's just warm, and cozy and brings smiles of inspiration!
What are all the ways you have discovered to gift, use and display tags in all their glory?