New Journal...

The cover for this journal was a vintage linen napkin that I found at one of my favorite store, (Sally Ann) that already was embroidered with this cross stitch pattern that I love.
I stitched the pink felt to the top including the daisy chain.
I made the felt flower underneath the pink beaded daisy and then finished the bottom with lace, strips of vintage fabric and buttons. In you can see, I changed out a few things for the final look.

This journal is smaller and filled with blank pages that are quite heavy.
That will make it easier for me to paint in in and hold heavier attachments.
I am continuing to work on my Red Valentine Tag and I will post some of them tomorrow. I had the best luck yesterday finding a red velvet vintage valentines chocolate box ( minus the chocolates, darn!!) and I will show you what I plan to do with that!!!

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Happy Day Lady said...

Hi! You have such a great way of drawing together multiple elements into a beautiful "wholeness" - thank you for always sharing :O)