Thank you all.

Flowers for Pebbles from Rick and Sharyn.

Photos of them hanging out!!

Thank you to all our family and friends that called, e-mailed and dropped by to see how we are doing.
Cookie had a rough night last night, spending alot of the evening looking for Pebbles. She and I are a little tired today.
Jim and I kept busy all day, took the bedrooom apart and painted it.
Jim finished making the shelf above the bed similiar to the one we have in Westbank. Cookie feels she is back in Westbank as our bedroom back there has the same feel.
Thanks to everyone that had pets at home that gave them each an extra hug and kiss.
It is true, the only fault pets have is that their lives are far too short!!

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hippo chick said...

Hi Dagmar,

I love the shelf. What a craftsman Jim is.

We never had a pet while our children were at home. We inherited Frazier from our daughter when she moved to Chicago and couldn't take him with her.

I always told the girls that Frazier never broke a rule; because he had no rules. With a dog like Frazier, who needs rules?

I have been thinking of Pebbles a lot today. I was sure it would be hard on Cookie.

I know that each day gets easier, but the void lingers.

~hippo hugs~
An extra hug for Cookie.