Travellin' to Tuscon...

The cousins...Wayne and Jim, don't they just look alike..Wayne's Mom and Jim's Dad were brother and sister.

Wayne, Jo-Ann & Jim in the desert along the way.

Sweet smelling Stocks

Art at Old Town Artisans Shop..
We had a lovely trip to Tuscon, it was a bit windy but sunny and bright. We had lunch at our favourite "El Charro Restaurant" but because of the cool wind, unable to sit on the Patio..still it was great.
Did allot of looking but no shopping, (what is wrong with this picture?) and I took a lot of photos to post in the next few days.
Jim and Wayne have already headed out to the FBR Golf Tourney in Scottsdale and Jo-Ann and I will have a day here at our house..I have lots of crafting to do, we will go for our walk and maybe if it gets warm enough, hang out at the pool.

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Happy Day Lady said...

How lovely! The bluest blue sky - and you can almost smell the sweet aroma of those gorgeous flowers through the picture! And the fellas really do look alike!
mmmmmm sounds like you had planned a lovely Friday :O)
Hope your Saturday is splendid too!