Alanna's rescue pup in Kuwait....

Hi friends:

Here are some pictures of the sweet little pup I rescued off the street yesterday morning. I know she is a cross between Jack Russell and something else. She has the sweetest temperament.. is about 3 months old --- and appears to be house trained... no accidents yet!! She is very quiet, good natured and I've got her working on the collar and least pretty good in the 24 hours that I have had her. If it weren't for UBe and the sensitivity to having pets in our building, I would foster her... I've fallen in love with her. She isn't going to be a very big dog. If anyone knows of a prospective forever family --- I could bring her home at the end of March when I fly to Phoenix!!

She probably chewed something and made the owners mad - after which she was likely thrown out on the street ... that's how it is here ....

Thanks for reading!!


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Happy Day Lady said...

My goodness! What an adorable pup :)
Many blessings for a new, safe, loving home.

Dagmar! Please send sun! Snowing....again!!!

Happy Sunday!