Luggage tags to make...

Whether you're jetting off for a weekend jaunt or stealing away for a month-long getaway, don't forget these helpful tags. Outfit suitcases with our dapper traveler and his dog or a plane flying in the clouds -- both will keep your things clearly identified at the baggage claim. Tucked in plastic holders, they'll be travel companions for many trips to come.
Luggage Tag How-To:
To protect the finished labels, use plastic luggage-tag holders. (At office supply stores, look for ones that are self-adhering or that can be sealed with a laminator. Both come with straps.) To make the tags, download and print the templates onto plain white paper.
Fill out your contact information. Cut out the tags. Fold each in half as shown. Place in holders and seal.


hippo chick said...

Great photos of Tuscon, Dagmar. I just love Anthropologie. There is one in Henderson at Green Valley Ranch. Gretchen and I go in and drool each time we go there.

We're leaving in three days. Can hardly wait.

~hippo hugs~

Happy Day Lady said...

Could you please send the lovely tags...oh and yes, the pretty luggage...I'll just throw a few things in there and come down and have a glorious lunch with fabulous you in the sensational sunshine!!!
Happy Day Dagmar!